Why do I always have to love you more?

Autor: Michal Lehuta | 13.3.2005 o 1:48 | Karma článku: 3,02 | Prečítané:  1635x

We said good night, though I doubt anyone is sleeping.

Why the fuck didn't we keep this words from heaping

I did not want to make the things worse no way

just wanted to make it sure to make it straight okey

I ain't just wanna be a break for you or be your toy

while and you're always busy fighting your endless Troy

I simply wanna hold you always here and now

no matter if you gotta study hard long or how.

After all I was thinking of these few rhymes

for you to forgive me all those foolish crimes.

Why do I always have to love you more?

and still leave your side with a smile on my face

why can't we just make our love to soar

when the thing that really matters is it an' its grace

Remember when I told you guys don't cry

and replied to your query of when was the last time 'why'

Now if you ask me the same thing again

I'll clearly be able to answer you when...

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