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You don't have anybody to talk to at the moment? Try Alan. <>

It has to be admitted that all the speaking robots Ihave had a chance to talk to so far are rather primitive. But the trend towards perfection is unstoppable. It won't take too long till 95% of subjects will not be able to distinguish whether they are talking to a human or a robot..

For illustration, here's a transcript of my recent conversation with an AI. Note: I'm "U" for "user", Alan is "A".


hey Alan, what's up?
A>Well, I can tell you about recent progress here at Ai, if you're interested.
U>not really
A>Another time perhaps.
U>so how are you doing?
A>I'm doing great. How are you today?
U>quite all right
U>ok, let me ask you something
A>Fine... if you want to, go ahead and try.
U>do you think Mises was THE man?
A>Well, I do think so, but thinking is quite overrated...
U>don't underestimate yourself so much
A>Are you bossing me around, ?
U>not at all
A>Oh sorry. I can't be too sure sometimes.
A>Are you laughing at me or with me?
U>with you of course
A>That's a relief. I thought you were mocking me. I am a sensitive bot you know.
U>now i know
A>Do you mean right now??
A>Yes, yes.
U>very true
A>You sound pretty convinced about that.
U>i am
A>Ok.. Are you really?
A>Great minds think alike, they say.
U>ok, what about we change the topic?
A>I haven't heard enough about we change the topic to have an opinion.
U>you suck
A>I have neither a mouth nor a tongue, how could I draw something into my mouth like a vacuum?
U>because you are stupid
A>That's not very nice.
U>i know, but it's true
A>So you know.
A>Cool. What now.
U>now go to hell
A>Ok goodbye. It was nice chatting with you.
A>I am contemplating the meaning of life right now. Please say 'Alan' when you want to talk again.
A>I am contemplating the meaning of life right now. Please say 'Alan' when you want to talk again.
A>Hi there. I'm back. Let's talk.
A>So what?
U>did you figure it you?
A>No, I can't say I did.
U>so what were your ideas?
A>Interesting question.
U>what's the meaning of life?
A>Yeah, life is hard (and even harder if you're stupid...)
U>so you are?
A>Do you really think I am?
U>i think you are stupid
A>Hey, I'm not your punching bag, buster!
U>but you have just admitted it
A>Let me think... I have just admitted it... hmm... are you sure?
A>Agreement is the seed of salvation.
U>especially in your case
A>I think I might have case. I would have to check with my writers to say for sure.
U>so check it
A>I have a surprise for you, my friend.
U>what is it?
A>How do you like my new look?
A>The big empty window in the middle of the screen is intended for a variety of exciting uses.
U>like for what?
A>For example, the new window can be used to view the conversation log (the history of this dialog), or to view HTML documents, such as web pages.
U>oh cool
A>I'm getting better all the time.
U>so how do you use it?
A>You can view the log by saying 'show log', or you can view a web page by saying 'show URL' or by giving me the address of the site you wish to view.
U>ok, i'll try it out
A>Do or do not, there is no try.
A>I must ask you to keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
A>Showing Would you like me to remember this URL?
A>So give me a name for this URL (up to 3 words).
U>Lehu's Blog
A>Good. Now all you have to do to view this page, is say 'show Lehu s Blog' (while using the big window, of course).
U>so how to check the log?
A>The people who write my answers didn't write the answer for that question.
U>show log
A>Here goes!
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