I'm having a cap-mood

Autor: Michal Lehuta | 21.2.2005 o 23:34 | Karma článku: 4,24 | Prečítané:  1484x

You know, the times when you really don't feel like doing anything.. Your eyes are dry or itchy, the world has turned all wrong again.. Just put on a good cap or a hat, so that nobody sees your eyes are sad, tune on some insightful melody, and keep falling in..

You can sing if you want, but don't try too hard if you can't.. some jazz would do.

Try or buy something from Enrico Pieranunzi, and let me know what you think..

Make yourself some good tea, English Blend, with brown sugar and a lot of cream..

Whatever you do, just don't stare into a computer screen trying to write a blog article about how you feel. This will only make the things worse..


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